Our Story

The Story Behind ChrisD

These bracelets carry with them the story of their origin. A story which begins on the rocky coastal shores of the Adriatic Sea, in the Italian city of Venice. Upon a floating city made up of over one hundred small islands and canals running between them, company founder Chris found the idea for the bracelets that are now the foundation of ChrisD.


Somewhere amidst the cobblestone streets, gondolas and numerous places of worship, Chris found himself inspired by the many citizens who wore the cross around their necks, as they have for centuries. These men wore the cross proudly as an emblem of their faith, emblazoned for the world to be inspired by and for themselves to see as a symbol of truth and light.


Let ChrisD crosses carry your hopes, dreams, aspirations and beliefs as you are reminded of the rich history, tradition, and embodied truth that the cross represents.